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Aphrodisias Location Aphrodisias Location
Aphrodisias Info Aphrodisias Info
Aphrodisias Information Aphrodisias Information
School of Sculpture School of Sculpture
Aphrodisias History Aphrodisias History
Aphrodite in Mythology Aphrodite in Mythology
Aphrodisias Excavations Aphrodisias Excavations
Aphrodisias Museum Aphrodisias Museum
Art in Aphrodisias Art in Aphrodisias
How to go to Aphrodisias How to go to Aphrodisias
Zoilos of Aphrodisias Zoilos of Aphrodisias
Kenan Erim Kenan Erim
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Tetrapylon Tetrapylon
Stadium Stadium
Temple of Aphrodite Temple of Aphrodite
Odeon Odeon
Baths of Hadrian Baths of Hadrian
Theater Theater
Portico of Tiberius Portico of Tiberius
Sebasteion Sebasteion
Agora Agora
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The beautiful city Aphrodisias is one of the finest archaeological sites of Anatolia Turkey, still partly excavated and partly undiscovered.  The name of the city is derived from the goddess of love, Aphrodite – called Venus by Romans- , who has her famous sanctuary here.

  The city was located in Caria in Asia Minor, near Geyre village in today’s world. It is about 230 km from Izmir, 55 km from Nazilli and 101 km from Denizli Turkey.
  Don't forget to visit Ephesus. Only 150km a way from Aphrodisias. You can easily go with Ephesus Shuttle
 Aphrodisias MOST VISITED
1. Temple of Aphrodite
2. Aphrodisias Museum
3. Aphrodisias Location
4. Sebasteion
5. Tetrapylon
6. Aphrodisias Excavations
7. Stadium
8. School of Sculpture
9. Odeon
10. Aphrodisias History
11. Aphrodisias Information
12. Baths of Hadrian
13. Portico of Tiberius
14. Agora
15. Theater
16. Aphrodite in Mythology
17. Art in Aphrodisias
18. Aphrodisias Info
19. How to go to Aphrodisias
20. Kenan Erim

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