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To the south of the temple of Aphrodite, a very well-preserved Odeon (Concert-hall) was discovered in 1962. It is a semicircular building and has 12 tiered rows of seats with lionís feet. Its orchestra and stage were elaborately decorated with mosaics. It had a roof but its upper tiers of seats collapsed probably in the fourth century by an earthquake.

This hall had a capacity around 1700 people. It was used also as the Bouleuterion for the meetings of the Senate and remained in this form until the early fifth century, when a municipal official had it adapted as a palaestra, recording his achievement on the upper molding of the pulpitum (stage). It had a hall function of lectures, performances, and various kinds of competitive displays, as suggested by a number of factional inscriptions carved on the seats. The architecture of the Bouleuterion is being studied by Lionel Bier, Professor at the Art Department of Brooklyn College.

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