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School of Sculpture
School of Sculpture - Aphrodisias Turkey

The city was famous for its Sculpture school. It was an important workshop and was in progress between the years 1 BC and 6 AC. Production of statues here had continued till late archaic ages, whereas the other schools in Anatolia had ceased to exist in the same period. Some masterpieces have the signatures of their creators who are especially experts in relief and sarcophagus production.

Many sarcophagi were decorated with lively reliefs, symbolizing the desire to deny the emptiness of death and its eternal darkness. These sculptors imposed their creative mastery over marble. The eyes of the statues found here are full of expression and life and the bodies seem capable of moving. The public monuments in Aphrodisias were decorated with "peopled scrolls" which were one of the characteristics of stone carving produced by the school of sculpture in Aphrodisias.

Anatolia was in a period when countless works of sculpture were created. The old traditions of Anatolian sculpture reached a phase of lively fineness and beauty of expression. Beauty aspirations and love could be seen on the works of art. Today some pieces from these beauties can be seen in Aphrodisias’ museum.
School of Sculpture - Aphrodisias Turkey
School of Sculpture - Aphrodisias Turkey
School of Sculpture - Aphrodisias Turkey

School of Sculpture - Aphrodisias



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